Patrick J. Hodgins Award (Established in 1982)
This award is given to an outstanding Cosmopolitan for exemplary Cosmopolitan service over a period of not less than ten (10) full calendar years prior to the date of the International convention at which the award is to be presented.
This award is based on Cosmopolitan service only and not on community service, family or church activities, or business standing. Cosmopolitan service accomplished in support of a community project or activity may be considered. For example, service as a Cosmopolitan Club Bingo Chair to help raise funds for homeless persons could be considered. However, volunteer service as a United Way campaign worker, school board member, or a church deacon would not be considered. These activities are recognized by the Distinguished Community Service Award and the Cosmopolitan Member Community Service Award.
Nominee shall be a Cosmopolitan who has been active at club, Federation and International levels some time during the 10 year period and is still active at some level.
The following are the Patrick J. Hodgins Award Recipients for past years.
Patrick J. Hodgins Award Recipients
1982 Delbert Oberst Elgin
1983 H. Thomas Harris West Shore
1984 Dr. Charles W. Gehrke Columbia Luncheon
1985 Howard Bogle Boulder
1986 Domenick P. Pace Omaha West
1987 Thomas Sawyer Wichita Downtown
1988 J. Travis Blakeslee Austin
1989 Dr. Charlie Walker Austin
1990 Arthur T. Jansen Rapid City
1991 H. E. (Ed) Dull Rapid City
1992 Richard J. Brynteson Rockford
1993 Gail Nielsen Fremont 100
1994 Dick Kahler Rapid City
1995 James A. Sauer Omaha West
1996 Steve M. Hanna Lawrence River City
1997 Thomas H. Williams Bethesda
1998 Larry W. Benton Columbia Luncheon/Columbia Show-Me
1999 Thomas R. Stone Capital Region
2000 William Holt Alexandria-Cenla
2001 James J. Prouty Bellevue Big-Elk/Omaha
2002 Brian L. Leipert Regina/Wascana Couples
2003 William J. Quire Hampton Roads
2004 Brian W. Mitchell Regina/Wascana Couples
2005 Jim Walker Sioux City/Three Rivers
2006 Jerome Sigmund Columbia Luncheon
2007 Derry Anderson Sioux Falls/Sioux Falls Evening
2008 Robbie Clifton Alexandria-Cenla
2009 Ed Ficenec Bellevue Big-Elk/Omaha Cornhuskers
2010 Robert G. (Bob) Williams Roanoke
2011 Kurt Kopp Columbia Luncheon
2012 Jim Smith Saskatoon Couples
2013 Melvina Newman Sioux Falls
2014 Cecelia Benton Columbia Show-Me
2015 Phil Hanson Columbia Luncheon
2016 Richard Gordon Sioux City
2017 Sheila Anderson Sioux Falls Evening
2018 John Krysak Wascana
2019 Jan Barry Columbia Show-Me
2022 Judy Weitkemper Columbia Show-Me
2023 John Hubert Columbia Luncheon