Cosmopolitan of the Year Award (Established in 1961)
This award is given to an outstanding Cosmopolitan for exemplary Cosmopolitan service over a period of not less than one and one half (1½) and not more than two (2) full continuous calendar years prior to the date of the International Convention at which the award is to be presented. 

This award is based 75% on Cosmopolitan service and 25% on community service, family or church activities, or business standing.
Unlike the criteria for the Patrick J. Hodgins award which requires Cosmopolitan service at the federation level and International level, this award is intended to recognize a hard-working Cosmopolitan whose primary contributions have been at the local level.
The following are the Cosmopolitan of the Year Award Recipients for past years.
Cosmopolitan of the Year Award Recipients
1961 Elmer S. Peters Wichita
1962 Virgil Hiermeir Mexico City
1963 Jesse White Norfolk
1964 Joseph Holthaus Omaha
1965 Edgar Ebert Columbia
1966 Robert Link Denver
1967 Keith Tobias Omaha
1968 Dr. John Davis Topeka
1969 Fred Peterson Dallas
1970 Harry Keller Omaha West
1971 William Holthaus Omaha West
1972 Wally Boldt San Antonio
1973 Maun McNeil Calgary
1974 Tom Wallace Omaha West
1975 Roger Hill Lawrence Breakfast
1976 Gail Nielsen Fremont
1977 Paul Arndt Sioux City
1978 James Barrett Omaha I-80
1979 Harold (Hap) Engelkamp Bellevue Big-Elk
1980 Ray Draube Sioux City
1981 Charles "Bud" Johnson Omaha Cornhuskers
1982 F. Darrell Faris Sioux City
1983 Robert Ryan Bellevue Big-Elk
1984 Gary Bender Sioux City
1985 Roger Schuller Omaha I-80
1986 Rev. Don McNeil Regina
1987 Pete Eiden Sioux City
1988 Tony Ciofalo Sioux City
1989 John Hughes Sioux City
1990 Earl Wilkes Austin
1991 James R. Wartenhorst Sioux Falls
1992 Larry Jabara Overland Park
1993 Mildred "Kit" B> Cahn Austin
1994 Roger Pilon Saskatoon Hub City/Saskatoon Couples
1995 Kevin Harmon Lawrence River City
1996 Derry Anderson Sioux Falls/Sioux Falls Evening
1997 Jeanne Sullivan Omaha USA
1998 John Finley Alexandria-Cenla
1999 Wayne Hinkley Sioux City
2000 Jack Schweitzer Columbia Show-Me
2001 Jim McVay Omaha USA
2002 Matt Chilton Sioux City
2003 Gary Jurke Sturgeon Valley
2004 Ronda Benton Columbia Show-Me
2005 Larry Benton Columbia Luncheon/Columbia Show-Me
2006 Wayne Powell Columbia Luncheon
2007 Jerry Nelson Omaha West
2008 Judy Weitkemper Columbia Show-Me
2009 Jane Holtsman Jefferson City
2010 Jill Divincernzo Capital Region
2011 Jacki Swank Columbia Show-Me
2012 Ray Meister Fremont
2013 Jim Schuh Rapid City
2014 Tom Grimes Rockford
2015 Lanny Auringer Sioux Falls
2016 Don Feltham Heartland Santa Fe Trail
2017 Francesco Collura Rockford
2018 Deb and Teri Down Saskatoon
2019 Linda Gentry Heartland Santa Fe Trail
2022 Melvina Newman Sioux Falls Noon
2023 Brandon Gruner Rockford