Member Community Service Award (Established in 1994)
This award is given to an outstanding Cosmopolitan for exemplary achievements in family life, church life, business standing in the community, civic service, community affairs and Cosmopolitan club activities over a period of not less than five (5) full continuous calendar years prior to the date of the International Convention at which the award is to be presented.
Nominee shall be a Cosmopolitan who has been active at any level during the five (5) year period and is still active.
Nominee shall be a Cosmopolitan who has been active at club, Federation and International levels some time during the 10 year period and is still active at some level.
The following are the Member Community Service Award Recipients for past years.
Cosmo Member Community Service Award Recipients
  1994 Wayne Eger  Regina 
  1995   Dennis Grev   Columbia Breakfast
  1996   Daniel Ballard   Sioux Falls Noon
  1997   Sandra Barnhart   Omaha USA
  1998  Clyde McGeary   Capital Region
  1999   Jerry Nelson   West Omaha
  2000   Harold (Hap) Engelkamp   Bellevue-Big Elk
  2001   Carol McCollam   Rapid City
  2002   Richard Gulizia   West Omaha
  2003   Melvina Newman   Sioux Falls Noon
  2004   Jerry Priebe   Sioux Falls Noon/Sioux Falls Evening
  2005   Linda Johnson   Omaha Cornhusker
  2006   Glen Dunbar   Capital Region
  2007   Miles Schumacher   Sioux Falls Noon
  2008   Don Feltham   Heartland
  2009   Perry Johnson   Omaha Cornhusker
  2010   Barry Solomon   Sioux Falls Noon
  2011   Mike Rasmusson   Fargo-Morehead
  2012   Ken Dirksen   Omaha Cornhusker
  2013   Steve Elsbret   Rockford
  2014   Kyler Nelson   Fremont
  2015   Jacki Swank   Columbia Show-Me
  2017   Dayton Shepherd   Columbia Show-Me
  2018   Jeff Kogel   Sioux Falls
2019 Judy Knorr Heartland Santa Fe Trail
2022 Matt Smith Sioux Falls Noon
2023 Eileen Desmond Rapid City