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Program Overview
The Beacons Fund is founded upon the belief that Cosmopolitans and our Cosmopolitan friends are deeply concerned about service clubs, service work, and the effect they can have on the society. A heritage has been established over many years. In 1914, Patrick J. Hodgins formed the first “Avocation Club” in Oklahoma City. This beginning has led up to the present day “Cosmopolitan International,” dedicated to the principles of Unity, Service, and Action throughout the United States and Canada.
Why Do We Have a Beacons Fund?
The Beacons Fund will insure that the Cosmopolitan International heritage will grow in scope with continued service to mankind.
What is Beacon Money Used For?
All donations to the Beacons Fund will be set aside in a special fund. Money placed in this fund will be safely invested and the principle never utilized. The earnings obtained from the investment will be used for grants set forth and approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  Beacon funds cannot be used for Cosmopolitan International operating expenses.  
How Do I Join?
Membership in the Beacons is open to all Cosmopolitans and Cosmopolitan friends who fulfill one of the two following membership opportunities:
    1. A one-time contribution of $1,000
    2. A contribution of $100 a year for 10 years
The satisfaction of knowing one has ensured the continuation of service to mankind, through the vehicle of the Cosmopolitan Diabetes Foundation, is enough to generate self-pride. Beyond the satisfaction, there are other benefits, which will remind the select Beacon members that their participation is gratefully acknowledged.
Beacon memberships and funds are maintained by:
     Melvina Newman, Executive Director
     Cosmopolitan Diabetes Foundation
     2500 W. 49th Street, Ste. 223
     Sioux Falls, SD 57105-6508
All new memberships and fund deposits should be sent directly to the address above.
Multiple Beacon Membership:

Levels of giving include:

Beacon (Basic): $1,000.00
Warm Gray Pin
Pearl: $1,100.00 - $4,999.00
Light Purple Pin
(Alexandrite Stone)
Emerald: $5,000.00 - $9,999.00    
Green Pin
(Emerald Stone)
Ruby: $10,000.00 - $14,999.00  
Red Pin
(Light Siam Stone)
Sapphire: $15,000.00 - $19,999.00  
Blue Pin
(Sapphire Stone)
Amethyst: $20,000.00 - $24,999.00  
Purple Pin
(Amethyst Stone)
Diamond: $25,000.00 +  
Black Pin
(Jet Stone)
The Basic Beacon pledge can be made over a ten-year period: $100/year. For Pearl Beacons and above: you will receive a lanyard with additional stones for each $1,000.00 donated, until you reach the next level in the Beacon structure where you then receive the new pin. Contributors will receive a specially designed Beacon pin recognizing their donation. Existing individual memberships will be counted. Memberships for immediate family members (spouse, children, and grandchildren) may be combined to obtain any of the higher levels.
Hands Across the Border:
The goal of this program is to team up a U.S. Cosmo (to join the Northern Beacons) with a Canadian Beacon (to join the Beacons). The U.S. Cosmo will make the contribution to the Beacons in the name of the Canadian Cosmo, and the Canadian Cosmo will make the contribution to the Northern Beacons in the name of the U.S. Cosmo so that each can take advantage of their respective country’s tax laws.
There is More . . .
  • Donors will receive a “Beacon” lapel pin.
  • As the Foundation is a (501)(c)(3) organization, donations to the Foundation qualify as tax deductions to the fullest extent of the law for income and estate tax purposes.